Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Cookbooks

These are the cookbooks I will be using:

The Joy of Cooking

America's classic cookbook by Irma Rombauer. My hostmom Autumn taught me about the book and my real mom bought it for me as a birthday gift while in New York. I happen to have the 75th anniversary edition. While it is not very interesting graphically, it does provide the reader with lots and lots and lots of takes on the American cuisine.

Cooking USA

A small retro style cookbook with recipes from every state. Gotta love the vintage prints.

De Verenigde Smaken van Amerika

A Dutch cookbook, or more like a travel / cookbook, in which the author describes several culinary roadtrips across the USA. A nice read, although it will certainly leaves you hungry.

Het Kleine Huis Kookboek

Laura Ingalls Wilder's popular series, presented in a cookbook. All the delicious meals she described in her books, whether the luxurious meals of the richer Wilder family as well as the simple homestead meals of the Ingalls family, it is a lovely trip down culinary memory lane.

And of course, the infamous Martha Stewart never fails to help.

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